e-Domotica is closing down!

05-01-2018 - Due to economic reasons, we are unfortunately forced to stop.In this message we want to inform you about this situation.

Since 2009 we have spared no effort to put an affordable home automation system on the market.In addition to simple installation and operation, a high level of service-oriented support was the challenge to make it a success. We dare to say that we have met the first part of the challenge, but the last part, successful in the form of economic feasibility, we have not succeeded. After 8 years of investing and never having achieved a positive financial result, we have to face reality. The sales volume has remained far too low to generate enough revenues to cover the costs. With the finances made available to us, we can now properly handle the goods with suppliers and staff without there having to be a bankruptcy.

We understand that this raises several questions and therefore we try to answer as many questions as possible.

Will the e-Domotica Portal still be available?

Yes, the e-Domotica Portal will remain available for the time being, for alarm monitoring and remote control of your home via the e-Domotica App. In time, however, the e-Domotica Portal will close. A message will be sent to all subscribers about this.

Update 2.7.x for the e-Domotica App is now available for both iPhone / iPad and Android devices with which you can access your e-Domotica system outdoors via a direct connection

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Can I continue to use my e-Domotica system at home?

Yes, you can continue to use your e-Domotica system. Everything in ╦Łour house just continues to work.

Can I still use my e-Domotica system outdoors?

Yes, as long as the e-Domotica portal is still available, you can remotely control your home via the portal. In time, however, the e-Domotica Portal will close. A message will be sent to the subscribers about this.

After the e-Domotica portal is no longer available, you can connect to your e-Domotica system outdoors in various other ways:

It is strongly recommended to download and use the latest version of the e-Domotica app on your smartphone or tablet.

What about guarantee handling of products?

The warranty period for all products expires on 31 December 2018. You can arrange your warranty settlement via Cross Hardware up to and including 31 January 2018. e-Domotica has made an agreement with XAT Domotica Shop regarding warranty settlement after 31 January 2018 up to and including 31 December 2018. Possible warranty claims can be handled by 1 February 2018 via XAT Domotica Shop. They have access to various spare parts to help most of the warranty cases. Because you do not have an invoice relationship with the Domotica shop for what you have purchased through our shop, you can not claim a refund, discount or other forms of reimbursement. After 31 December 2018 you can no longer claim a warranty for e-Domotica products from Domotica-shop.nl.

I just bought products via the e-Domoticashop, what about my trial period?

The trial period is 14 working days, as required by law, this will remain in effect until the webshop is closed.

I just bought products, can I get my money back?

If the trial period of 14 working days has not yet expired, this is possible. If the trial period has expired, this is no longer possible.

Do you have more or other questions? Contact us

If your question is not answered, or you have a specific question about your situation, please contact us. Preferably by e-mail via support@e-domotica.com. We try to answer as quickly as possible.

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